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Software engineering to the fullest


Software engineering to the fullest


Scruptly can intervene in your projects on many aspects: architectural design, developpment of new pieces of code, full applications, bugfixes, testing, software factory, dependency management. We can help you improve your information systems, applications (performance, delivery, ...) but also create new content.

#java #c# #swift #javascript #node #postgre #aws

Technical architecture design

Architectural design of complex solutions, scaling schemes are tasks that we can help you accomplish.

Backend development

We specialize in backend developments on complex environments especially in Java, that's to say: create new functionnalities, migrate legacy applications, bugfixing

Test automation & strategies

If you need a hand to setup some test automation in order to secure your deliveries, or need to design some test strategies,  we can provide you with some great insights, and help you implement solutions.

Production issues

We can do some special interventions in your production environment to help you solve critical bugs.

Some of our Projects

Take a look at our last creation: the HypeMatch!

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Customized solutions and products to fit your needs

Application design

Creation from 0 to 100 of new applications, in different languages (Java, Swift, ...)

Backend development

Development of new functionnalities in your already existing backends

Legacy applications

Maintenance and evolution of your legacy Java backends / applications

Test strategies & automation

Design of testing strategies, automation, dependency management, CM/RM